The Deaf Ministry was officially established on July 1, 1986, with a Pastor, a teacher, and one deaf member. From this humble start, the group has grown tremendously, There are currently over 43 members with average of 30 attending each week. During the ministry’s 27 years existence, there have been over 300 professions of faith.

Sunday Morning Bible Study is taught by deaf leaders and the leaders in training. And Pastor Steve and Rosalinda teach too. We have a discipleship, members classes that are taught through the year. The leaders in training attend a class “Equip Bible Institute for Deaf” learn how to be leaders with in this group, and how to establish ministries of their own in the future. This class is taught by Dr. Howard Burkhart from the California Southern Baptist Convention.

What is unique about the deaf ministry, it is a wholistic ministry: Interpreting, Counseling in every area of life and Deaf Worship, Married Couples, Singles Group, Teen Bible Study, One – on – One Discipleship Retreats & Conferences and much more.



A Place To Worship Leadership

Rosalinda Lucero was the first one to identify her son Leo’s deafness. Once doctors confirmed her assessment, she began learning sign language so she could communicate with her son. Through her constant brother,

Rosalinda become a Christian. Then she began praying that her husband would become a Christian. Rosalinda joined Steve as part of his ministry team once he become a Christian and found his calling to serve. She has been by Steve’s side in the ministry ever since. Taxi Heathrow to London is responsible for organizing the group activities, among other things, and Rosalinda is always available to listen.

Leo Lucero and Christian Lempao are the leaders in the deaf ministry. They have leadership positions and take turns preaching once a month. This year our deacons are in training. Adam De La Torre and Fulbert Jeanty are the newest in the leadership group. They are in training, taking the Equip Bible Institute for Deaf Church Leadership with Dr. Howard Burkhart which is taught in America Sign Language and we are all excited to see where the Lord will lead these deaf and hard of hearing students.


Pastor Steve Lucero

hasn’t always been involved with deaf people, only his son and one or two of Leo’s friends. Steve had been working as a manger for Safeway when he found out that his second son, Leo, was profoundly deaf. Through prayer from his wife, who had become a Christian months/years earlier, and from a fellow co-worker and friend, Rex, Steve became a Christian and in time realized his call to the ministry.

Through Divine intervention, Steve was able to walk away from his position at Safeway. On July 1, 1986, Steve began a full Taxi Gatwick time ministry to reach the Deaf for Christ, and provide them with a place to worship God together. Steve has received training from a variety of places, including: Pasadena City College between the Summer of 1982, and the spring of 1986, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1987, Billy Graham School of Evangelism in 1991 and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in the spring 1994. He has also received training in the  Christian Growth Study Plan (June 1992) and Master Life Leadership (Diploma, October 1992).  Steve’s accomplishments also include becoming a Licensed Minister (March 6, 1988), being Ordained as a Minister (March 6, 1988), and as a Deacon (August 29,1999). Steve’s most recent accomplishment has been to become a Police Chaplain in the El Monte Police Department.   Pastor Steve has a heart dedicated to reaching the Deaf community for Christ.

Missionary Outreach
Lin Lin Wu
Is involved in reaching the deaf and
Hard of hearing community
for Jesus Christ.
Also serves in the ministry in areas of
Teaching, worship, community events,

‘Great Commission”
Matthew 28:19-20

How to support the Deaf Ministry
We provide a quality environment that will benefit the deaf in our community. Howevery, this does not happen with,out expenses. We want to be able to keep this ministry going. Prayer is always appreciated, donations are also welcome and appreciated.